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By definition a will is a legal document that comes into effect after your death that states what will happen to your possessions, but most importantly it acts as protection for your family and peace of mind for you.

Why National Wills?

In House Legal Team

We have our own in-house legal services team that specialise in estate planning, writing Wills is what we do everyday

Over 30 Years Experience

We have helped over 100,000 clients protect their family and loved ones.  Making a Will is a selfless act but at the same time will give you peace of mind

UK Company

We are proud to be British.  Our company was formed in the UK is based in the UK and always will be

Why do I need a will?

By not having a will in place it can lead to massive legal battles that your family have to go through just to receive what they are already entitled to

Anyone that passes away with out a will in the UK has their estate put into intestate which means family members have to each prove why they are entitled to inherit part of your estate

Having a will also means you can be very personal on how your estate is divided, you may have a family heirloom that you want to go to a specific person

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Expert Advice

Estate Planning

A wealth of business experience and knowledge from within the Will Writing and Estate Planning sector has been brought together to create our management and staff are dedicated professionals with a track record of delivering services and products to customers at the very highest standards.

We are always evolving and learning to ensure that our credentials are up to date and we follow the industry best practice guidelines when producing documents for our clients. Our collective goal is to make us the premier provider of Private Client Legal Services in the UK through innovation, new technologies and delivering the best customer service at highly competitive prices.

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Guarantee Peace Of Mind

We promise – that once you get this small document completed you will feel a relief and gain peace of mind for both you and your loved ones

You can’t put a price on peace of mind…

Who Are We?

National Wills act as an introducer, the free online service we provide is in partnership with The Planning Crowd (Institute of Professional Willwriters).

This allows us to give you the most competitive quotes & find the perfect will writer for you.

Our Promise

Nobody likes to think of a time when they may not be there to financially support their family.

Whether you are planning to leave a legacy or protect your family from financial hardship, wills are able to provide protection for your loved ones.


We know as well as you that privacy is important when it comes to your personal information, that’s why the information you provide is only shared with our approved partners. Whilst we find the most competitive policy for you, we are not responsible for any advice given by third parties.

Whilst we find the most competitive policy for you, we are not responsible for any advice given by third parties.

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